The Global Sustainability Fund

  circulating our collective global wealth


Darwin’s universally accepted idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ has become ‘survival of the richest’. Somehow that doesn’t fit as a rational construct for humanity. Downward trends dominate the lives of those not prioritising or not driven by ‘money’, because the economy no longer serves all for whom it was designed.  

Therefore, unsustainable capitalism has to be addressed.

Money is the most in-demand ‘commodity’ of the 21st Century. People are trapped in a perpetual struggle to attain it, making it harder to avoid the ‘stigma’ that surrounds money. This notion of scarcity has caused fear, defensiveness and greed to creep in as the collective modus operandi  and this collective perception of lack, stifles the ideal evolution of humanity to our next stage.

So we ask: Are you a custodian of our planet or a puppet to a broken system? 

There is more than enough money in the world, it is just not in effective circulation. Those who relentlessly mismanage and control it are causing the dilemma. Yet each and every individual custodian of our planet can solve the issue at hand, with the help of The GSF.  



The Global Sustainability Fund is 100% transparent.

The GSF started life as a design for a people-driven economy. A new system to function at the level of high impact & achievable outcomes. It puts earth-repair & people-empowerment as the centre of our new legacy; to unfold a future that is sustainable, with habits from the source of our desires. As financial growth gathers momentum, so does the means to address issues that place burden upon society.

The concept naturally and mathematically corrects the unsustainable status quo currently driving immense separation and injustice. Its goal is to stimulate collective balance without losing our independent uniqueness, no matter where we are on the pedestal of the planet. Its profit-circulation inflates until all people have prospered; until money represents a different role in the psyche of the population.

In simple language – as The GSF re-purposes profit to become a global asset, the pendulum of entitlement swings further until it has a 360 degree reach.

The GSF is people-centric and the extent of its achievement can only parallel, or rise to the significance that people are prepared to give it.


Searching for solutions, but don’t know where to start? The GSF is more than a global probe – it’s a comprehensive blueprint – and here is where it will unfold!

The GSF model was formulated in the Northern Hemisphere at the turn of the century, but today, it resides in the rural location of Tintenbar, in the Northern Rivers of Australia.

The work takes place globally & remotely. It counts many work environments consisting of home offices, work hub spaces, lifestyle locations attended by a remote team.  They work to support Sponsity which reflects upon the functional results of The GSF.

Individuals, families, communities, villages and indeed entire Nations know that something must change. So we propose and deliver a new economic model and explain that it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world for it to work; just participate from wherever you are!

Every small, medium or large purchase made at the Sponsity Shop – from wherever one is – brings us closer to the ultimate solution.


When the Global Sustainability Fund was conceived, it was with unexpected precision on the Spring Equinox in 1999. A seed planted into emergence, too radical for its time 20 years ago, but today is not such a radical idea. In fact today it is needed more than ever.  

Back then, capitalism lead by highly successful admired leaders was in full bloom. Those of the fittest who worked hard became the richest during an epoch when everyone’ was scrambling for money. In parallel, something else was happening. The senses linked to morals and monetary justice, the very notion of fairness, eroded away. But that was OK because it was in ‘the name of business’.

That mantra – in the name of business – became the damaging justification.

Now, as we begin the second decade of the second millennium, we are getting a second chance. 2020 is a year that acts as a critical economic and environmental countdown as experts issue their warnings. We need to do things differently and fast. Those with the wealth, can ‘purchase’ their way through the upheavals, but the majority will not be so lucky.

The GSF is ripening, the world is pleading. When we connect the two, we collectively start to unfold our new economy through adapting ethical consumerism and planetary awareness. And if you asking when will the GSF be successful, the simple answer is when people credit it with significance.


When donated profits are converted to Surplus, we start the process of economic rebalancing. The global asset built is the result of individual & community involvement. Profits generated by ethical production & commercial activity create an approximate 25% ROP (Return-on-Profit) from circulated & compounded cash-flow.

The GSF Board oversees our global asset to assure all stays proper. And of course, 100% transparency means everyone can verify the ticks and balances.

Surplus, when applied as no-interest loans, create Social Enterprise Entities (SEE’s) (suppliers to Sponsity) that operate under the same Sponsity model. The SEE founder & team earn a generous income under a time/sales ratio and upon reaching profit status, the SEE also donates its profits to The G$F.  

Healthy commerce leads to a proliferation of successful SEE’s through simplified business practices, automated monitoring processes, increased profit circulation, more jobs, lifestyle enhancement and happy Sponsity customers receiving quality product under best pricing practices.

This is a sustainable economy in the making that incorporates everyone participating in the production & consumption of the goods and services we use. It instigates growth. To be individually wealthier, collectively; as it is the collective wealth that ultimately creates it for others.

As The GSF shows its ability as a global asset – people empowerment emerges! 


The younger generation is the wake-up call demanding change. They have become the doers and shakers of the world. The GSF & Sponsity team consists mainly of young graduates from this generation who choose to take on a career or casual role.

Through the liaisons with contributors, suppliers, customers and organisations, the launching of an economic model with purpose is a global endeavour. The GSF advocates practices for prosperity.

Personal & professional credibility is key from the decision-makers who guide the outcomes. Propelled by individuals contributing expertise, guided by The GSF Board and accountable to the general public, the operations team consists of coaches & administrators who oversee procedures & best practices.

It may have been our trust or our powerlessness that let us to become the puppets of the system, but now that system is broken. We have the choice of seeing only the problems or recognising solutions. The G$F is proposing delivery of the solutions.

In liaison with great organisations adding voice & effort to instigate change, The G$F responds with actions to grow our collective financial fortitude.

So – again – WHO? This is all about US !

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